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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Business Guest Posts Accepted

Photo Credit:  Unsplash

Written by Dana Rockwell 

A few years ago, I began this blog as a project along with my Health & Fitness blog, 365 Days of Health & Fitness, Plus! Much more time was put into the fitness blog, however, my first love is business and entrepreneurial opportunities. This month I've decided to make Searching for Independence a full website.  A forum where any and everyone can share their business ideas and network with other like-minded individuals.  No business venture is too big or small.  Share away. 

I will be following a publishing schedule and will begin to post once or twice weekly. This week's topics are photos for posts and why I no longer work with AVON. The site will also be open to interviews, guest posts, featured posts, and much more. Please email your ideas to so we can collaborate.  I can also be found on Twitter @danarockauth, Google +, LinkedIn, and FaceBook.  

Let's connect!  

With dedication, 
Dana Rockwell, MBA 

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