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Friday, January 15, 2016

Lyft Versus Uber: View from New Jersey Riders

"I had to stop driving for a tires got dizzy" ~ Steven Wright

Written by Dana Rockwell

Since 2014 people in the New York and New Jersey area have been utilizing two popular ridesharing apps: Lyft and Uber.  My significant other and I decided ridesharing as a much less expensive option when compared to local taxi services and driving.  We've also found that many retirees and individuals seeking part-time employment find ridesharing a beneficial source of income.   

Having rode with both companies they equally have their pros and cons.  We have accounts with both Lyft and Uber as do many drivers.  The drivers report that Lyft is much more user friendly where Uber is dust in the wind when trying to contact a live representative.  One driver informed me that Lyft sends a representative out to briefly train their drivers where Uber does not. 

Let's review the highlights of both companies:

  • Lyft is much more generous upon initial sign up they offer $50.00 worth of free ride credit - to be used at $10.00 per ride
  • Uber offers one free ride of up to $15.00 for new riders
  • Lyft offers a very generous sign-on bonus of $200.00 for new drivers
  • Uber is currently having a promotion of 15% off all rides which is an incredible savings  (less than $15.00 to travel 10 miles)
  • Both Lyft and Uber have a less than 10 minute waiting period for a driver
  • Uber excels in customer service in comparison to Lyft, although you can get a live representative on the phone for Lyft. Call Lyft Response at 855-865-9553 Press 3 and then 2.
  • As far as resolving ride issues Lyft and Uber have an average response time of a few hours. Their direct email addresses are: and
One overall downfall is the need for  a non-prepaid debit card for both services.  One way to avoid registering your debit card directly with Lyft or Uber is to utilize PayPal or PayPal cash. 

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Happy Riding ~
Dana and Chris

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  1. I heard to compete with Uber...Lyft is giving 25% off rides.