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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Earn Extra before the Holidays

Written by Dana R. 

One thing I totally dislike is a redundant and pushy person that isn't knowledgeable about their stuff.  Its number one on my pet peeve list. I instinctively stop listening especially when they steer me in the wrong direction.  My ears fall deaf.  

I make it a point to thoroughly research everything fully before I tell others and I do not talk about things I do not know about. How about when they stretch the truth or pretend to like everything about a product they are trying to sell? You won't find that here with me.  

I ask that you give me a few minutes and read on. That is if you want to earn some extra cash just in time for the Holiday season.

Today I reached the $30.00 mark for my Inbox Dollars account.  I requested my 8th payment in the form of a gift card.  I intend to use the gift card to purchase Holiday gifts. With that I'd also like to announce I also earned other money just in time for Holiday shopping, totaling $100.00 (including Inbox Dollars).  All tax free earnings. 

All of this was completed in my spare time while watching television or just relaxing and looking at emails. I call it free money because Inbox Dollars pays their members for trying popular services such as Game Fly and Vista Print.  Its pretty genius - a win win situation.  Mostly, you are not charged anything granted you cancel the offer within the allotted time frame. It's very simple.  This month I earned some cash for evaluating credit report services:  NAV and Experian. 

Remember to sign up today in order to get your free money five dollar bonus. This is free fast cash, something you shouldn't miss out on.  

Two additional companies I utilize are iPoll and Valued Opinions - two survey companies that I have evaluated over the past couple of years.  iPoll also offers a five dollar bonus.  Basically both companies give you money to take consumer product surveys.  To date, I have made $1,000.00 with them over time. Sign up for iPoll here  and email me so that I can refer you via email to sign up for Valued Opinions.  

Wishing you all the best -

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