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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 3 Looks Promising

I wish I can brag today that I have started to make money, but I haven't. We all know however, looks can be deceiving. Any work from home opportunity or business opportunity that seems unrealistic or seems to good to be true - is!

The 10K challenge is not too good to be true. One must work for it to work. I joined because I see it's potential and who would pass up an offer that pays for itself? I hope you will consider joining me in this venture. If you don't see it's potential, you can just simply delete your account.

While I am only on day 3, I am conducting extensive research on the tools the system is telling me to utilize. The 10k challenge is not a get rich quick scheme. What I believe happens is that you receive money based upon advertisements. These advertisements reach hundreds of people. I in no way want to mislead you. I am not able to write a post everyday, however if you want to experience this adventure with me, please email me at

Remember, no money, no obligations, you just have to follow a daily to do list of tasks with a 5 minute training video.

I have always been slightly impatient, so I have contacted my sponsor and they were extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. I am ahead of the game because I am researching safe lists. That is the tool we are utilizing presently. Not all safe lists are helpful therefore I am experimenting to tell you which ones are and which ones are not. If you join with me, I will be your personal sponsor and mentor. You will be getting an added bonus with me because I am investigating this entire system inside and out.

I have nothing to hide or lose. I want to make some extra money and I want to share the technique with others if there is potential. I like it very much so far.

Thank you for stopping in. Enjoy today, make it count!

Warm Regards,

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