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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Business Guest Posts Accepted

Photo Credit:  Unsplash

Written by Dana Rockwell 

A few years ago, I began this blog as a project along with my Health & Fitness blog, 365 Days of Health & Fitness, Plus! Much more time was put into the fitness blog, however, my first love is business and entrepreneurial opportunities. This month I've decided to make Searching for Independence a full website.  A forum where any and everyone can share their business ideas and network with other like-minded individuals.  No business venture is too big or small.  Share away. 

I will be following a publishing schedule and will begin to post once or twice weekly. This week's topics are photos for posts and why I no longer work with AVON. The site will also be open to interviews, guest posts, featured posts, and much more. Please email your ideas to so we can collaborate.  I can also be found on Twitter @danarockauth, Google +, LinkedIn, and FaceBook.  

Let's connect!  

With dedication, 
Dana Rockwell, MBA 

Monday, May 2, 2016

3 Reasons to Start Using Inbox Dollars

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Written by Dana Rockwell 

I have had the benefit of earning money over the past several months utilizing some non-common methods. While some may find it tedious, I find it helpful.  In today's world many find it hard to make ends meet.  They are not get rich quick schemes, and by no means an alternative to gainful employment, however, I make approximately one thousand dollars per year.  I use the money earned to purchase gifts for my significant other and my children.  The purpose of this blog entry is to discuss one method; Inbox Dollars and the top three reasons to start earning today.   

1)  Inbox Dollars is real.  Many are skeptical about joining online reward companies.  Inbox Dollars is an Inc. 5000 valid corporation which is connected to many well-known brands such as AVON, ProFlowers, Netflix, and Groupon. To date, I have received 11 valid payments, and am half way to earning a 12th payment.  Join today and earn $5.00 simply for signing up

2)  Inbox Dollars is free with no gimmicks.  In fact, you are paid to try products or services that you already purchase. For example, I have subscriptions magazines that I am paid to receive. They also pay you for referring your friends. Once you join and inform your friends of the benefits you can receive 10% of their qualified earnings.  

3)  Inbox Dollars takes minimal time.  Time is precious. Inbox dollar tasks such as opening emails or signing up for an offer takes less than 5 minutes.  I generally complete my Inbox Dollar tasks while watching television or opening my email in the morning.   

To highlight Inbox Dollars -  is the place where one can earn money for free, from a real corporation in minimal time.  

Any questions, please contact me directly, I will be happy to point you in the right direction and give you tips and tricks to quickly begin earning money through Inbox Dollars

Friday, January 15, 2016

Lyft Versus Uber: View from New Jersey Riders

"I had to stop driving for a tires got dizzy" ~ Steven Wright

Written by Dana Rockwell

Since 2014 people in the New York and New Jersey area have been utilizing two popular ridesharing apps: Lyft and Uber.  My significant other and I decided ridesharing as a much less expensive option when compared to local taxi services and driving.  We've also found that many retirees and individuals seeking part-time employment find ridesharing a beneficial source of income.   

Having rode with both companies they equally have their pros and cons.  We have accounts with both Lyft and Uber as do many drivers.  The drivers report that Lyft is much more user friendly where Uber is dust in the wind when trying to contact a live representative.  One driver informed me that Lyft sends a representative out to briefly train their drivers where Uber does not. 

Let's review the highlights of both companies:

  • Lyft is much more generous upon initial sign up they offer $50.00 worth of free ride credit - to be used at $10.00 per ride
  • Uber offers one free ride of up to $15.00 for new riders
  • Lyft offers a very generous sign-on bonus of $200.00 for new drivers
  • Uber is currently having a promotion of 15% off all rides which is an incredible savings  (less than $15.00 to travel 10 miles)
  • Both Lyft and Uber have a less than 10 minute waiting period for a driver
  • Uber excels in customer service in comparison to Lyft, although you can get a live representative on the phone for Lyft. Call Lyft Response at 855-865-9553 Press 3 and then 2.
  • As far as resolving ride issues Lyft and Uber have an average response time of a few hours. Their direct email addresses are: and
One overall downfall is the need for  a non-prepaid debit card for both services.  One way to avoid registering your debit card directly with Lyft or Uber is to utilize PayPal or PayPal cash. 

Now that we provided some tips and tricks, we invite and appreciate the use of our referral codes at your leisure. Be sure to click on the following links LYFT Referral Code - DANA699952 and UBER Referral Code - zsb9v to start riding for FREE within minutes. Please note that once registered add the code (DANA699952) for Lyft in the payment section under Lyft credit code and (zsb9v) for Uber in the promotion section.

Happy Riding ~
Dana and Chris

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Earn Extra before the Holidays

Written by Dana R. 

One thing I totally dislike is a redundant and pushy person that isn't knowledgeable about their stuff.  Its number one on my pet peeve list. I instinctively stop listening especially when they steer me in the wrong direction.  My ears fall deaf.  

I make it a point to thoroughly research everything fully before I tell others and I do not talk about things I do not know about. How about when they stretch the truth or pretend to like everything about a product they are trying to sell? You won't find that here with me.  

I ask that you give me a few minutes and read on. That is if you want to earn some extra cash just in time for the Holiday season.

Today I reached the $30.00 mark for my Inbox Dollars account.  I requested my 8th payment in the form of a gift card.  I intend to use the gift card to purchase Holiday gifts. With that I'd also like to announce I also earned other money just in time for Holiday shopping, totaling $100.00 (including Inbox Dollars).  All tax free earnings. 

All of this was completed in my spare time while watching television or just relaxing and looking at emails. I call it free money because Inbox Dollars pays their members for trying popular services such as Game Fly and Vista Print.  Its pretty genius - a win win situation.  Mostly, you are not charged anything granted you cancel the offer within the allotted time frame. It's very simple.  This month I earned some cash for evaluating credit report services:  NAV and Experian. 

Remember to sign up today in order to get your free money five dollar bonus. This is free fast cash, something you shouldn't miss out on.  

Two additional companies I utilize are iPoll and Valued Opinions - two survey companies that I have evaluated over the past couple of years.  iPoll also offers a five dollar bonus.  Basically both companies give you money to take consumer product surveys.  To date, I have made $1,000.00 with them over time. Sign up for iPoll here  and email me so that I can refer you via email to sign up for Valued Opinions.  

Wishing you all the best -

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Think Outside the Box

Photo Credit Brian Crosby via Google Plus+
Written by Dana R. Arevalo 

Good Afternoon, I'd like to provide you with a quick update about Inbox Dollars. Don't sigh, I hear you, I need you to take a few minutes, and think outside the box, do something different.  Stay and read on, you can earn $5.00 just for joining Inbox Dollars and receive your first check before the holidays.  I am here to guide you through the process.  If you sign up with Inbox Dollars, you can personally email me so that I can help you earn money in less than 30 days.

To date, I have received 7 payments and have $22.00 in my Inbox account.  I just need to earn $8.00 dollars more to get my 8th payment. It is my goal to do so before Christmas.  There are no gimmicks I promise this is gimmick free and you do not have to spend a penny to earn money. How then? 

Inbox Dollars is a valid Inc. 5000 company.  Members complete every day tasks such as searching the internet, opening emails, and signing up for FREE product trials.  It targets members to popular brands such as - Groupon and Publishers Clearing House. I've made the most money this month by taking surveys and product trials.   You can take Inbox surveys and open Inbox emails while watching television.  

Smile before the Holidays, do the simple task and earn free money. Think "Outside the Box" join Inbox Dollars today by clicking HERE.   

Please take note:  My personal email is - email me with any questions at any time - I will respond within 24 to 48 hours.